Nail Aykan is my subject for my second entry into Australia's Archibald Prize 2019, as I painted WA politican John Hyde MP back in 2010. Until recently, he was the Executive Director of the Islamic Council of Victoria (ICV) for seven years. For many, he is the most well known, respected and relatable Muslim leader in Australia when it comes to listening and explaining the experiences of the Muslim community. He engenders trust in people. Nail also remains actively involved in every aspect of bridging Muslim and Non Muslim relationships in Australia. He knows a lot of people, ...Read more>

9 March 2019 |

If you remain unmoved by the first half and havent laughed by the second half - you're offically dead. Making music is a second-rate description for this wonderful performance.
Jaroussky, Lemieux - concert in Baden Baden - encores
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1 November 2018 |