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WA Dualities

Dualities was my second solo exhibition in 1992 at the Bridge Gallery in Northbridge owned by my friend Gary Tait. I was re-reading T.S.Eliot's Four Quartets a lot. I began mixing my media on paper, canvas, board, using my hands one minute and brush and pens the next. I used powder pigments. Studying sociology and history at this time was making me question everything.
Working and exhibiting at Bridge Gallery helped me keep the headspace that had developed in Melbourne. My next exhibition - Dualities - followed in 1992 and I painted intensely for 12 months fresh from the enthusiasm of my first show but it didn't sell very well. I was learning about the hard yards. (I'm still learning). Dualities was an exploration of our sexuality, society and human relationships in the urban landscape. I started to look at another layer of society.
In hindsight, it's as if I have been peeling back what I see of the world and discovering new layers with each decade. Naturally as an emerging artist these works deal with those formative years where human relationships play such a big role and are very vivid. Each person seems to open a new door to ideas you never imagined. I think human relationships are always the tool which sculpts us, but in different phases of our lives it ebbs and flows with new currents. Taking us to unimagined places. All paintings were sold with some now available as prints. 

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