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The United State's Attorney General Eric Holder today made a speech to justify the legal framework around targeted killings, including of a US citizen overseas.  The full text of his speech is to be found at Opinio Juris who will be publishing analysis quite soon ...Read more>

6 March 2012 |

I want to post the release of the 22,000 word report by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism and analysis by highly regarded legal blog Opinio Juris about this report in its post , Chesney on Attacking Mourners and Rescuers with Drones,  ...Read more>

7 February 2012 |

Mark Twain once said, "History doesn't repeat itself, but it does rhyme."  That's race relations in Australia today.   I admire the simple, straightforward call by Dr Charlie Teo for Australia to address racism on Australia Day.  As an Asian-Australian I deeply sympathise with Dr Teo's speech.  ...Read more>

28 January 2012 |

I want to post Richard Flanagan's very brave and eloquent extract from his closing address at the 2011 Melbourne Writers' Festival- ‘The Australian Disease: The Decline of Love and the Rise of Non-freedom’ . It's strange, ten years ago the reasoning behind this piece wouldn't be under such siege ...Read more>

29 November 2011 |

I'm always grateful to Edge for bringing up things the mainstream media don't focus on. This is an important post from Edge.org, Code Is Law , introduced by influential German journalist and essayist Frank Schirrmacher [11.7.11]. It's a bit hard to ...Read more>

22 November 2011 |

OK, so I never knew Einstein, but I can't imagine he would object to being challenged. He'd probably relish it. As  Don Howard, a lecturer on Einstein at Notre Dame University said on  NPR, "this is the glory of science" (Experiments are allowed, even encouraged, to challenge pillars of science). ...Read more>

25 September 2011 |

Fair as the 3 independents' intentions are, their decision to return an incompetent and deeply unethical Government is proof that process isn't a measure of quality by any means. It helps, but reason without wisdom, always falls flat. Why waste the words? Anyway, Théodore Géricault did ...Read more>

7 September 2010 |

After an historic coup which removed a sitting first-term prime minister, I would be remiss to not add my thoughts. Since the over reaction to Bill Henson's photos, I and many artists have hardly been in love with Kevin Rudd. We found a creeping censorship across Australian arts ...Read more>

26 June 2010 |

Quick Note: Some very disturbing new Australian legislation has passed in the state of New South Wales (NSW) that targets and holds artists responsible for the terrible crime of child pornography.  This legislation doesn't regulate the ...Read more>

17 May 2010 |

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