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An extraordinary interview by an Australian abroad who is rarely discussed or featured in the Australian media and, I would venture to say, is rarely thought of by Australians.   The Rolling Stone  interview of Julian Assange is important, and can be read online ...Read more>

5 March 2012 |

Mark Twain once said, "History doesn't repeat itself, but it does rhyme."  That's race relations in Australia today.   I admire the simple, straightforward call by Dr Charlie Teo for Australia to address racism on Australia Day.  As an Asian-Australian I deeply sympathise with Dr Teo's speech.  ...Read more>

28 January 2012 |

Within the last 72 hours, soldier's cheered the closing of the gates and the end of the Iraq War which has destroyed more than the lives of nearly 4,840 soldiers (4,500 American) plus a conservatively reported 100,000 Iraqi lives.
It destroyed our trust in our capacity to overcome our nature. ...Read more>

19 December 2011 |

I want to post Richard Flanagan's very brave and eloquent extract from his closing address at the 2011 Melbourne Writers' Festival- ‘The Australian Disease: The Decline of Love and the Rise of Non-freedom’ . It's strange, ten years ago the reasoning behind this piece wouldn't be under such siege ...Read more>

29 November 2011 |

OK, so I never knew Einstein, but I can't imagine he would object to being challenged. He'd probably relish it. As  Don Howard, a lecturer on Einstein at Notre Dame University said on  NPR, "this is the glory of science" (Experiments are allowed, even encouraged, to challenge pillars of science). ...Read more>

25 September 2011 |

Recently I clambered into a black taxi cab in London. The driver remembered me as having had a nice long chat with him the last time I was in his cab (I seem to recall his thesis at that time was the London riots as a communist or Tory ...Read more>

17 September 2011 |

The contemporary trend for global conflict is the dehumanisation of warfare and, in particular, extrajurisdictional killings by Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs or drones). Recently The Washington Post reported on the Aspen Security Conference, where CBS News and 60 Minutes Correspondent ...Read more>

31 July 2011 |

Today, as I was listening on the bus to Greg and Michael's performance version of the Song of Roland (see my post)  I was also contemplating the role of memory. It still amazes me the way Michael’s translations are helping to generate content, ...Read more>

18 July 2011 |

Whoever thought we would ever feel nostalgic about the Nuremburg Trials ? Well, times change don't they? They get foggy. Violent. When I heard about the shot that killed Bin Laden, this song came to mind from my teen years. I thought about what being human ...Read more>

2 May 2011 |

On the one hand I embrace my research on technology, but at the same time, I seem stubbornly out of time. I keep painting. I keep reading that "death of painting" was all a big mistake, and suddenly there are a ton of editorials embracing paint. While I am ...Read more>

3 January 2011 |

Are poets the front-line soldiers of our collective consciousness? If so, then where are the medics when they are wounded by the ugliness of today's 24/7 news cycle? Why are they any less the protectors of our world than guns and drones and eavesdropping dragonflies hunting for dirty bombs? ...Read more>

10 November 2010 |

It is the intimate, personal, penetratingly perceptive touch,
indeed, that is equipped to furnish a chapter
that would have been missing were the camera exclusively relied upon.

--New York Times review of combat art show, 1943 One link between artists and soldiers is the promise of appreciation (immortality?) after ...Read more>

21 September 2010 |

[image: Juan Antonio de Frías y Escalante. Inmaculada Concepción] I had to share this because it is so fascinating and strange and I'm using the ideas in my paintings.
I discovered the concept of the digital offspring of researchers at Michigan State University who "live" in a computer and ...Read more>

12 September 2010 |

Fair as the 3 independents' intentions are, their decision to return an incompetent and deeply unethical Government is proof that process isn't a measure of quality by any means. It helps, but reason without wisdom, always falls flat. Why waste the words? Anyway, Théodore Géricault did ...Read more>

7 September 2010 |

The trees beside the river where I live are imbued with memory, wisdom and silent stories that deserve to be listened to ... like memorials, trapped in stone, bronze and iron, wishing for release into the morning air...

On this day each year, I re-read the poems of ...Read more>

31 May 2010 |

Quick Note: Some very disturbing new Australian legislation has passed in the state of New South Wales (NSW) that targets and holds artists responsible for the terrible crime of child pornography.  This legislation doesn't regulate the ...Read more>

17 May 2010 |

This publication ran from 2006-2009

Daily Constitutional Launch - By Proxy (Issue 6, Summer 2008, Saturday, August 16, 2008, 5:00-7:00 pm.
Printed Matter, Inc. is pleased to announce a launch for Issue 6 ("By Proxy") of the Daily Constitutional, a bi-annual magazine devoted to providing ...Read more>

16 August 2008 |

The April cover of Modern Painters came out with a cover on Art & War at the same time that US artist Steve Kurtz's case finally got thrown out of court. He was cleared of FBI suspicions of bio-terrorism for growing bacteria in petri dishes ...Read more>

26 June 2008 |

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