This post has been published on the 'London Progressive Journal' website on 24th December 2013.
When I first heard the suggestion that the judiciary and greater Parliamentary oversight could 'save the day' and  redress the reckless use of new capabilities by Britain's security service GCHQ, an image flashed into my mind of a 1903 painting by Australian impressionist Tom Roberts - known locally as The Big Picture. It records, historically and artistically, the first Parliament in Australia. Or in American filmic terms, the ...Read more>

25 December 2013 |

These drawings were last minute inspirations for my exhibition in September this year. They are charcoal and pastel drawings on paper, approminately A3 in dimension and sold as a series. Based, obviously, on the characters from the Wizard of Oz, I titled them A Kansas State of Mind 1-5 .  The Tin Man is an adaption of the likeness of the former FBI officer John O'Neill.  The slide show has been added to The Assassination of Judy Garland Gallery 2013. The full titles are Dorothy (Talent), Toto (Innocence), The Lion (Courage), The Scare Crow (Intelligence) ...Read more>

2 December 2013 |

As you gather by now I collect old stuff.  Life begets and all that Lol. So, flea markets, charity shops, garage sales, wherever I can scavenge something that strikes me as strange, funny, deep, sad, ironic....or just because! Here are 5 pages from Newnes'Pictorial Knowledge Vol 4 -  a sort of old UK Encyclopedia for children about the "world" as seen from the eyes of Empire in 1947.  All 5 are beautifully framed by David. They are both scary and sweet, but mostly make me smile and look beyond today and whatever it is I'm worried about that ...Read more>

12 November 2013 |

Thank you to RTRFM for inviting me to speak about my exhibition The Assassination of Judy Garland at 464 Smart Space, Perth WA.  Listen here.     RTRFM has always been a consistent supporter of my work for many years. Deepest thanks. Thank you ...Read more>

3 August 2013 |

I was recently proud to put my name on Tikkun's paid full page ad in the New York Times opposing the Obama campaign against whistleblowers which you can view here. For me, it is important to be public, to be named and to be open in ...Read more>

12 July 2013 |

Opening 6pm 2nd August until 11th August. Opening times Monday - Sunday 10am - 5pm.  I am holding my 5th solo exhibition of my paintings -  The Assassination of Judy Garland - at 464 Smart Space, a fairly new urban ...Read more>

7 July 2013 |

In canvases, painted around 2011, I took a re-designed NSA logo and inserted elements from the Knights Templar crest from the medieval ages into a screenprint onto the canvas.  Around each were further printed iconic symbols of doctrine, war and rebellion that I used in the series, mixed in ...Read more>

10 June 2013 |

Here is a small montage of my visual diaries, quite random, from between 1995-2012. Visual diaries, sketches that help me think out a process, a feeling or question, form a vital part of my artistic practice. For the most part they remain, and I think for good reason, private. But ...Read more>

18 May 2013 |

Even though this is a relatively small series of paintings, I'm very thankful that it has got so much coverage and interest by people intrigued by the actual content. For an artist, that's rare and I don't take it for granted.  The Qouch is the publishing arm of The ...Read more>

17 April 2013 |

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