...Read more>

11 September 2020 |

As someone who was a high school drop out for 8 years before I went to university and got a degree in history this really hits the target. I have never been comfortable when progresives pretend that university education can measure all of a person't worth or value. t has rubbed off on parents in multicultural communities to such an extent, that we have a shortage in post-Covid19 jobs in manufacturing because we only see universitys as the set ladder of success. Don't get me wrong, I love learning the stories in history and earning my living as a writer ...Read more>

7 September 2020 |

I was watching the news and thinking back to another winter when my 14 year old comrades in crime and I went to see a drive-in version of the UK classic  Breaking Glass.  Somebody's brother was driving. We thought it was just awesome and depressing and beautiful at the same time. I believe bottles of Ouzo were involved. You can imagine the hilarious conversations. You know, those all thrown together first impression emotions from your teenage years that either sets you off on a lifetime of poetry or poppers. Forty years later and another generation face the same choice - poetry ...Read more>

13 June 2020 |

I take no pleasure in seeing the themes of my 2013 exhibition  The Assassination of Judy Garland  come true.  America is a great country, and has a future to do great good. But - George Floyd's death MUST be the turning point. Racism against African Americans cannot ...Read more>

29 May 2020 |

This is a little drawing I did waiting for my COVID-19 results after a breathing issue saw me in hospital last week. It's called A Walk in the Park, and is pen and ink on paper in my visual diary. Just a doodle. Sometimes something wants to be shared. ...Read more>

26 May 2020 |

General (Ret) David Petraeus is an interesting character on America's national stage. So is PW Singer, an author, researcher who brings his academic interests in A1 and robotics in defence to fiction writing. Singer will interview Petraeus on Wednesday 3rd June 2020 for an online event hosted by 92Y ...Read more>

22 May 2020 |

After the impeachment trial results I went back into an old box and pulled out this painting. I decided early after 2016 never to paint Donald Trump. I realised after my article in the Queer Psychoanalytic Society journal article I wrote that he was not Freud's "super-ego, but rather ...Read more>

12 February 2020 |

I was in this amazing interview experience for a new street-theatre oral history called The Lion Never Sleeps. Thanks to Noemie the director and creator who made this incredible audio journey that takers the audience on a live walk through the inner-city streets of Northbridge in Perth, Western Australia. ...Read more>

31 January 2020 |

Fathers and sons have complicated relationships. When my father died two years ago it was a shock to discover that my identity was so tied up in performing for others. All my multiple identities required me to wear masks as I was adopted- or co-opted- into supporting their ...Read more>

23 January 2020 |

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