I'm not sure what to think or what it all means, and I'm sure nobody will really notice, but 30 years this summer I entered a little fundraising exhibition while I was a design student at Perth Technical College in my home town of Perth in Western Australia. It was horribly stressful as only another first time exhibiting artist would know. And of course today I probably don't think I would re-exhibit that painting. But it was a fun little piece despite being what it is. It didn't sell and I kept making art.
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24 March 2017 |

Here are two studies I've been doing over the last 2 years for my new series of paintings for my series  Original Syn . They are studies in four themes guided by four latin phrases:  Helios | Theoria |  Gnosis . They are part of my new series Strange Fruit .

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22 March 2017 |

Hi Folks. Yes it's been a quiet year for me artistically, but I was so pleased when Dr Kyle Grayson asked if Routledge London could use my painting There is Nothing Like a Drone (2011) for his new book on targeted killing. I'm still reading it, as it hyas so many truths in each chapter it's hard not to stop and contemplate the state of the world in 2017...
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10 January 2017 |

This  series of 6 small paintings are stories about fashion, suicide vests and social media. It pays homage to 60s and 70s 
I am learning some interesting things along the way such as that generation z actually don't like leaving behind a digital footprint and think social media ...Read more>

5 January 2016 |

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26 July 2015 |

My 2001 acrylic on canvas painting  Fisherwoman  illustrates NYC literary journal Literal Latte's  winning essay for 2013 in their Best Essay Awards category, for Jean Guerrero's essay Juanita and the Beach of Fairies . A riveting literary essay, you can read it in Literal Latte's ...Read more>

27 April 2014 |

This post has been published on the 'London Progressive Journal' website on 24th December 2013.
When I first heard the suggestion that the judiciary and greater Parliamentary oversight could 'save the day' and  redress the reckless use of ...Read more>

25 December 2013 |

This is a summary and thanks to the various media outlets and people who have helped me in getting across images and concepts within this series of paintings to the public.
Thank you to RTRFM for inviting me to speak about my exhibition The Assassination of Judy Garland ...Read more>

3 August 2013 |

Opening 6pm 2nd August until 11th August. Opening times Monday - Sunday 10am - 5pm.  I am holding my 5th solo exhibition of my paintings -  The Assassination of Judy Garland - at 464 Smart Space, a fairly new urban ...Read more>

7 July 2013 |

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