Really excited to have been invited to write a chapter for the new book Living and Loving in Diversity edited by Deakin Universitys Maria Pallotta Chiarolli at the AGMC Booklaunch in September. You can book in its free in Melbourne in September and all the details are in this link below.
"With over 40 contributors from a wide range of both emerging and established writers, including Faustina Agolley, Mama Alto, Tony Ayres, Paul Capsis, ...Read more>

20 July 2018 |

I made the decision, in both the light of the data breaches and Facebook's involvement in som dubious privacy policies, to put my page on hiatus. Facebook also constantly censored my work and I realised that it has failed to become what it set out to do and is causing more harm than good. I don't discriminate, Facebook-friendly people are still welcome, some of my best friends are devotees. That's what religious-freedom looks like. I am currently returning and updating my Behance page which will mirrornthe posts on my website blog. Cheers Folks.
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11 June 2018 |

Chesea Manning has emerged as one of the most interesting people in the global zeitgeist. I enjoyed her interview with Vogue's Sally Singer a lot. See the link: Photo is by Annie Leibovitz for the September issue of Vogue 2018. Also check out her interview with Republica  where she talks about algorithm biases.
Chelsea Manning at Republica conference Berlin talking about data privacy and the future of society.
"Chelsea Manning in an intimate interview situation with Geraldine de Bastion and Theresa Züger. One year after her ...Read more>

11 June 2018 |

A brief note for me personally. After a long illness, my father Ramanathan died on the 21st of March 2018. Our close little family had the chance to say goodbye. He made a choice not to continue treatment and to endure the great suffering that he did. My mother ...Read more>

16 March 2018 |

I was shortlisted for the Collie Art Prize in WA. The theme of identity has inspired the 40 finalists. I will be attending the opening with friends and enjoying being back in regional WA and all its beauty and character.  The exhibition is on show 10am-4pm 3 March until 15 ...Read more>

2 March 2018 |

Repost: Diana In Memoriam 20 Year Anniversay of her death. This painting is all about alternative realities and the idea of her death as only one possible reality in the quantum many worlds theory.. People who don't get Diana I find are pretty straight thinkers.

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20 August 2017 |

This  series of 6 small paintings are stories about fashion, suicide vests and social media and was inspired by consultations with multicultural youth and media reports while working as a policy officer for the peak ethnic community organisation in Australia.
It pays homage to 60s and 70s  haute ...Read more>

5 August 2017 |

Here are two studies I've been doing over the last 2 years for my new series Strange Fruit.

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22 March 2017 |

Hi Folks. Yes it's been a quiet year for me artistically, but I was so pleased when Dr Kyle Grayson asked if Routledge London could use my painting There is Nothing Like a Drone (2011) for his new book on targeted killing.  Kyle Grayson is a Senior ...Read more>

10 January 2017 |

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