In this series of drawings I conducted an experiment by sketching in a stream of consciousness style within a limited time in random areas of the city of Melbourne. It was quick because its cold in winter here. I then took these drawings and developed them further with charcoal on paper and then photographed them and manipulated them on screen next to stills of silent films of the 1920s. Its a controlled sequence to start with which becomes more natural with each drawing. 
Each image followed, in quite a subconscious manner, the emotional journey of the screen characters from these ...Read more>

10 July 2015 |

My second article in London Progressive Journal talks about this painting and my impressions of a changing Australia. You can read it here.   I have combined a previous post with the link to this publication since they about the same painting. 
Re-Packaging Masculinity in Tony Abbott’s Body Politic - A Painting  |  by Carl Gopalkrishnan  |  Sun 5th Jul 2015
post 07/07/2015:
Group Exhibition on Masculinities at The Laird Hotel, Melbourne June 2015
This is a foray into group shows which I haven't done for a while and ...Read more>

5 July 2015 |

I have been quietly working for the past 19 months on research to stretch my previous painting which looked at the way that our cultures influence political decisions. What began with using old Hollywood as metaphor for political relationships, policy and military intervention is now a deeper exploration of what really happened between Norman Maine and Esther Blodgett the characters from the 1952 movie A Star is Born ; and the romantic attachment the military has for drones and new technology in my 2012 painting There is Nothing Like A Drone .
Specifically I am comparing and contrasting ...Read more>

9 April 2015 |

Look, the short and better version is for me to link you to a video of Guardian cartoonist  Steve Bell  discussing the shootings at Charlie Hebdo in Paris this week. He has been at the forefront of commenting on the 'war on terror' policies in the West, and I think ...Read more>

9 January 2015 |

My 2001 acrylic on canvas painting  Fisherwoman  illustrates NYC literary journal Literal Latte's  winning essay for 2013 in their Best Essay Awards category, for Jean Guerrero's essay Juanita and the Beach of Fairies . A riveting literary essay, you can read it in Literal Latte's ...Read more>

27 April 2014 |

This post has been published on the 'London Progressive Journal' website on 24th December 2013.
When I first heard the suggestion that the judiciary and greater Parliamentary oversight could 'save the day' and  redress the reckless use of ...Read more>

25 December 2013 |

These drawings were last minute inspirations for my exhibition in September this year. They are charcoal and pastel drawings on paper, approminately A3 in dimension and sold as a series. Based, obviously, on the characters from the Wizard of Oz, I titled them A Kansas State of Mind 1-5 ...Read more>

2 December 2013 |

As you gather by now I collect old stuff.  Life begets and all that Lol. So, flea markets, charity shops, garage sales, wherever I can scavenge something that strikes me as strange, funny, deep, sad, ironic....or just because! Here are 5 pages from Newnes'Pictorial Knowledge Vol 4 -  ...Read more>

12 November 2013 |

This is a summary and thanks to the various media outlets and people who have helped me in getting across images and concepts within this series of paintings to the public.
Thank you to RTRFM for inviting me to speak about my exhibition The Assassination of Judy Garland ...Read more>

3 August 2013 |

Studio Diary