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Sedition and Other Bedtime Stories



Laws do not persuade just because they threaten -  Seneca, A.D. 65
The essence of liberty is the rule of law - Robert H. Jackson 1953
“Developed over the last 12 months, these works evolved from a few chance conversations with my young nephew and niece, which they have probably forgotten. I found myself questioning the type of replies I was giving to their questions. In doing so, I started questioning just how much of the mess of the world could be explained to them. I realized that I didn’t know what I was talking about. This inspired me to actually reaad the current Anti-Terrorism legislation and all the submissions presented to the Senate outlining arguments about why this was a horrific change to our laws. It was a hard, boring effort to read and nearly sent me into a coma, but it was important. Out of the realization of what we are allowing to happen in our time, came the images which led to this exhibition.” [Carl Gopalkrishnan 2006]
The first time I really tried to deal with Post 911 themes. It started out with some innocent questions from my young nephew and niece during the worst of the paranoia that accompanied the introduction of the Anti-Terrorism Act 2005. Then I read the legislation and the images expanded to explore the mythic archetypal underbelly of the new political climate we're still struggling to understand. A lot of influences here - quantum physics, alchemy, esoteric knowledge, metaphysical poetry, text from Senate Inquiries and the legislation itself and military images. Like a lot of artists, we're given a how to vote card. Many of us tread the progressive path. This exhibition was important to me because I needed to reveal myself. To make a series of judgements about events and the errors that come with that.
Thinking through and beyond rhetoric from both the Left and Right. Sitting in the moderate camp and then suddenly realising that there are more choices in life than left, right and centre. What a tiny room to live out your life. I stripped colour to reveal my own thoughts which had become clouded to me. So in Sedition, I stopped avoiding difficult subjects, but also uestioned the progressive soap box.
I explored things that, in hindsight, I understand better because of working through these issues in this exhbition. I didn't get a lot of support from my peers. That both closed doors for me, and opened up new ones. This is where I made the break with Australiain terms of the Arts. Read the media entry for Sedition and Other Bedtimen Stories. At Kieth+LottieGallery,Northbridge,Western Australia, August 2006.
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RTRFM Morning Magazine Radio Interview 2006 [listen]


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