Home-Made Cloth Facemasks 2020

I started making face masks in February 2020 for family and friends. Istarted off sewing by hand, because I didnt have a machine, but then as people asked for them, I got another machine. They are 3 layered cotton, some with filters, all with my own versuon of nose wires for a tight fit. I've started making headbands because masks, for all they fight Covid19, are not naturally comfortable. So that was the goal, a comfortable, resilient home-made cloth mask. Nothing more - Nothing less.

However, I try to read a bit and learned that there are some benefits to mixing your fabrics in cloth masks to combine thread count with electrostatic filtration. Fabrics like silk and chifon and linen perform well but cost the earth. Nobody can make a claim about the efficiency of cloth masks, but a tight fit, a mix of at least 3 layers of different fabrics are appearing to also protect the wearer and not just they have contact with.

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