My Copyright Statement 2019

Unfortunately copyright laws in Australia for artists are very under-developed. We all deal with infringements, I was advised to share less, and for a time I unpublished some of my Studio Blogs, Research and all my previous selected Visual Diaries page. In this age of Social Media, some artists believe that copying ideas makes them their own. In actuality, those ideas should be altered, developed and become new original ideas that build on others work. Then credit your source-always. 

Then after discussions and advice again,  I republished them realising that it's better investigating similarities to look at life experience, education and international recognition of my ideas over many years. While I appreciate the compliment of inspiration, copying is not creative. Australia has a Copyright Council and I advise you visit their website. 

The Amnesty Approach

I appreciate collegial collaboration and mentoring is an important part of my practice. I would be very satisfied with a late written credit for using and developing ideas you have gained from my website, either in the text and process or the image itself. That is fine and I do take it as a compliment. Contacting me with this request would be positively met and I would appreciate it more than getting a message from a third party. 

Feel free to email me if you want me to send you older links, pdfs or other documents from missing Studio Blogs.  If you are an Artist experiencing the same issues, you are free to use my "Amnesty Approach" Statement. People make mistakes, that's nothing new, but as a society we need to make space for them to make amends and to keep Art flowing while respecting the copyright and intellectual property rights of other Artists.

I'm very interested to chat with legal experts in this field as I have experience working across sectors and this is an issue for everybody who cares about original knowledge-making, ethical standards and great Art.

Well Wishes

Carl Gopalkrishnan (aka Gopal) 


All the art and written posts on this website is copyright © to the Artist (Carl Gopalkrishnan aka Gopal). I seek legal advice on intellectual property and copyright infringements quite regularly since social media expanded beyond the law. Many artists are willing to share,  but not to see their work or process copied in national prizes, exhibition catalogues and reviews. 


Referenced opinions, images or ideas belong to those persons so please contact them directly for questions (not me:)

Contact the Artist directly to use art or posts in your publication (commercial or not-for-profit; online or print) using the contact form on this page. We'll go from there.

Media enquiries please use the contact form.

Social media - Posting images of my art from this website via social media is permissable if attributed to me with a link back to this website ( Thank you for supporting my work. 

Do email me if you see my work or similar work that you feel may have infringed my copyright. I will bring it to the attention of a copyright organisation in Australia and consider other action. I appreciate your help in this.


Values that attract me

Sometimes I do collaborations. I'm drawn to partners that agree to donate part of earnings to charity or not-for-profit projects that make a difference to others.  I am interested in other artists and projects that share this ideal of the role of creativity in the world today. I personally am inspired by the work of Médecins Sans Frontières.

Médecins Sans Frontières is the world’s leading independent organisation for medical humanitarian aid. Every day more than 24,000  Médecins Sans Frontières field staff are providing assistance to people caught in crises around the world.


Visit Médecins Sans Frontières online

Please Donate to Médecins Sans Frontières 





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(aka Gopal)