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 Carl Gopal Solo


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Carl Gopal – Solo was my first solo exhibition in 1991 at the Bridge Gallery in Northbridge,Western Australia. It happened quite by accident with the support of a small gallery that was showing all the odd stuff inPerth. A scary and enlightening experience and I haven't looked back. It's heading toward three decades since and although this work reflects where I was at the time and the era, it holds a special place for me. Sort of innocent and fresh and technically nowhere but I love that. I love young artists today for the same reasons.
The director Gary Tait moved on to his own framing business and he remains my dear friend and still does my framing when I need quality over deadlines.
Thematically, the subjects were very personal created from 1987 to 90, including in Melbourne when I was working in the fashion industry as a textile designer in Richmond.  I lived in a small studio in South Yarra behind a converted Edwardian mansion that was in stages of recovery. The people and places from that time found their way into my art.A lot was happening personally after losing a great mentor to cancer. Perestroika led to Glasnost and the fall of the Berlin Wall which shifted all our mindset. Australia had lost its isolation and there was a renewed vigour and hope in the new decade. This was back when everyone was listening to Nick Cave and The Smiths.
I have all.my work documented from.those days. Back then you had to hire a great photographer as everything was pre digital. Lots of colour swatches and light tests, the kids today would laugh their heads off at the bother of it all. But I'm.so glad I got good photos and scans over the last three decades or I wouldn't be able to view my body of work and see where I've come from. For a self taught artist that means more I think, because we judge ourselves harsher.
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