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Selected articles from the 9/11 blogosphere: Memories are still vivid, but we need to declare the end of the 9/11 era by Jonathan Freedland, The Guardian UK, 06/09/11. Mark the September 11 anniversary with care, then stop this lethal thinking and the grave misjudgements it caused. And How Well Has Cinema Handled 9/11? "Perhaps the whole point of 9/11 was that it could never be represented on the cinema screen. The diabolic, situationist genius of the kamikaze attacks was that they were themselves a kind of counter-cinema, a spectacle very possibly inspired by the art-form, but rendering obsolete any comparable fictions it had to offer." The Guardian (UK) 09/08/11  Assessing The Musical Legacy Of 9/11 "Efforts to honor musically those who died on 9/11 began almost immediately, initially through concerts that relied on existing works, like Brahms's Requiem. But pieces written specifically to commemorate the tragedy soon followed." The Wall Street Journal 09/08/11  How 9/11 inspired a new era of robotics By John D. Sutter, CNN When Robin Murphy saw the World Trade Center towers fall on September 11, she knew of an unexpected group that could help respond: robots. The 9/11 Memorial Isn't Comforting, It's Nihilistic Witold Rybczynski: "[There] is nothing comforting about gazing into the vast pit - or, rather, two pits - of the 9/11 memorial, the water endlessly falling and disappearing into a bottomless black hole. The strongest sense I came away with was of hopelessness." Slate 09/07/11 Chomsky: 9/11 - was there an alternative? Al Jazeera Suppression of one's own crimes is virtually ubiquitous among powerful states, at least those that are not defeated. A Time of Heroes. Advance copy from the 19/09/11 issue. By Paul Woldowitz in The Weekley Standard, USA. This tenth anniversary of that grim September day when so many innocent people died in the most horrible fashion is a time to mourn their loss, as well as the thousands who have been lost in the past 10 years of the war against global terrorists, and to share in the grief of the loved ones they left behind. 10 Years Too Long on Democracy Now.Org. In September 2001, Rep. Barbara Lee was the only lawmaker in either chamber of Congress to vote against the 2001 resolution authorizing the use of force in Afghanistan.









The 9/11 Memorial Is Simple, Eloquent And Just Right For Its Site Paul Goldberger: "You wouldn't mistake it for an ordinary park or urban piazza, but it isn't a cemetery, either. You feel a sense of dignity and repose, and you see the shapes of the renewed city in the rising skyscrapers, as you should." The New Yorker 09/12/11 America... Listen to Your Daughters of 9/11by   Marlo Thomas. This week, I had the privilege of sitting down with three remarkable young women who all had parents who died in the north tower of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. And here is what I learned: America, you need to listen to your daughters. 9/11 in perspective September 11, 2001, was a terrible tragedy by any measure, but it was not a historical turning point, argues author Richard N Haas in Al Jazeera.Ten years after 9/11, Al-Qaeda has been greatly weakened; but the price paid by the US was enormous, and unnecessary. Failing to realise the promise of 9/11 After the 9/11 attacks, the US had a golden chance to galvanise the world against terrorism - but it failed to do so. AP Interview: Blair says post-9/11 battle not over By David Stringer Stars + Stripes.  Tony Blair, the international statesman most closely tied to the response to the Sept. 11 attacks, believes the decade-long struggle to contain the threat from Islamic extremism is far from over, despite the killing of al-Qaida chief Osama bin Laden. Let’s cancel 9/11- Bury the war state’s blank check at sea by Tom Engelhardt, Le Monde Diplomatique 08/09/11. Let’s bag it. I’m talking about the tenth anniversary ceremonies for 9/11, and everything that goes with them: the solemn reading of the names of the dead, the tolling of bells, the honoring of first responders, the gathering of presidents, the dedication of the new memorial, the moments of silence. The works. A decade after the 9/11 attacks, Americans live in an era of endless war By Greg Jaffe, 05/09/11 Stars+ Stripes. This is the American era of endless war. To grasp its sweep, it helps to visit Fort Campbell, Ky., where the Army will soon open a $31 million complex for wounded troops and those whose bodies are breaking down after a decade of deployments.


And as for me?

After 10 years focused on this in my art? Well, we need to move beyond this Age of Unreason while not forgeting.
I want to look at the sun again. My new paintings feel like warm sun on the face of a cold morning. 
It's a nice change...It's time... More Diaries.

September Media:  Carl Gopal Applies Queer Lens to Tough Problems (Posted by: Wik Wikholm on 09/12/11 in GLBTQ - the world's largest encyclopedia of lgbtq culture.


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