Landscape Studies-Muddy Creeks Of The Sth West

These photographs were taken in the last 3 days when I travelled with a friend to Albany in Western Australia's South West region. This particular muddy creek held a strange fascination as it seemed to reflect a world within a world. I have added them to my wall of Studio Concepts and will be using them in the Tin Man series.   More Studio Diaries

southwest001 gopalkrishnan Aug2011

southwest002 gopalkrishnan Aug2011

southwest003 gopalkrishnan Aug2011

southwest004 gopalkrishnan Aug2011

southwest005 gopalkrishnan Aug2011

southwest006 gopalkrishnan Aug2011





Love the mysterious quality of the photos. Looking forward to seeing the Tin Man series.
2011-08-31 21:12
These are rather wonderful. I really liked the first and last images as I could see the tin man walking through in the winter like landscape.
amanda brown
2011-09-17 16:2

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