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Tikkun Magazine July 2011 InterviewTikkun daily ( Tikkun magazine's daily blog) interviewed me about my art and, as always with good interviews, made me think better about my painting and how (and why) I go about what I do. Please take the time to visit and read their high quality content which challenges the barriers we put up around the world. I realise how strange my artistic outlook sometimes appears and, for the saving grace of folk who can write brilliantly (such as Tikkun), my ideas might remain underneath layers of paint. So I am ever grateful that the Universe is watchful when he's not watching Master Chef:)

A Star is Born: Metaphorical Portraits of America (read online)

by: laurabeckman on July 18th, 2011 |

Artist Carl Gopal’s interests are expansive, but he is by no means a dilettante. He is gifted with an ability to analyze current events in the context of the “big picture” without getting overwhelmed, weaving together schools of thought as diverse as popular culture and politics, spirituality and quantum physics. He is afraid that amid the exhilaration of rapid scientific advancement, we are losing the sense of humble awe at the universe that spurred our curiosity in the first place. 

Gopal is also afraid that much of America has forgotten a dazzling Hollywood narrative that may have subconsciously shaped our approach to politics on the international stage. Ten thousand miles away, in Perth, Australia, Gopal is trying to remember this narrative for us, starting with a series of pieces layering acrylic paint, silkscreen, gold leaf, and collage entitled “The Assassination of Judy Garland: A Metaphorical Portrait of America.”

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A thoroughly good read, very well written by Tikkun journalist Beckman. . Your art offers a radically different wayof looking at America.
2011-08-07 19:42
Come to LA Carl, they'd LOVE it here.
Louise + bodee
2011-08-07 19:45
cakes r sic
surf guy
2011-08-07 19:48
I enjoyed the article very much
New Jersey
2011-08-12 21:14
Beautiful and unusual work
2019-01-17 12:38

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