The Changing Face Of War Poetry

Kandahar Kandy Gopalkrishnan 2010WAR POETRY 2011 has updated its page with new poems by soldiers including veterans of the Iraq conflict. I found Gerardo Mena's poem "So I was a coffin" both disturbing and moving. I read it several times. Palestinian poet Suheir Hammad's poems evokes another lens no less worthy of reflection on Memorial Day. Please visit them. This is a good time to introduce a new painting - Kandahar Kandy (left) - acrylic, photo stenci and screenprint on stretched canvas. It's small, 20x20cm, but that makes it work for me.

Visit online - WAR POETRY 2011

  • So I was a coffin by Gerardo Mena - Text and video of this prize-winning poem

  • Four war poems by "an ex officer" ((British).

  • A poem by Timothy Brewis

  • Three poems by Brian Cowan

  • Play the Game - an Australian poem of the First World War that has recently come to light.

  • Bring them home - Goliath VanDorn (United States)

  • Tomahawk - a concrete "poem" by Richard Ball

  • Curtis D. Bennett -The case for human wars (and God) - A long, thought-provoking and cool examination of the nature and outmoded use of warfare in the 21st century by a veteran of the Vietnam War. Curtis D. Bennett was the first contributor of war poetry to this website and has contributed many outstanding poems over the years, first about the Vietnam War and then about Iraq and other conflicts. See, for example, the Iraq War 2003 page and the Vietnam War page.

  • Peter Kelly - a poem about soldiers everywhere

  • Michael Brett - two poems

    (read more poems by Michael Brett on his own page. See page one of the website for the link.)

  • Donald de Loach

  • Video: Egyptian poet, Kamal Abdel Haleem (Sayed Karwata) - two video poems about the Egyptian Revolution performed in Tahrir SquareVideo: David Roberts - a video poem -The New Egypt, Tahrir SquareAlso new in 2011, poems by Cheryl L Daytec who has a separate page. Link.Gerardo Mena, US soldier  -  More about him below his video.

Gerardo Mena is a decorated Iraqi Freedom Veteran.  He spent six years in Special Operations with the Reconnaissance Marines and was awarded a Navy Achievement Medal with a V for valor for multiple acts of heroism while under enemy fire.   More Studio Diaries

Angels and Pears Gopalkrishnan 2009PALESTINE WAR POETRY
2011 reflections on the civilian experience as well. On the left is my painting Angels and Pears, acrylic, photo stencil and screenprint on stretched canvas.



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