Media: New Solo Exhibition, Opening Feb 1, 2008. Kieth+Lottie Gallery, Perth, W.A

Paris Invite 2008    Paris flyer 2008My new show, We'll Always Have Paris - bent tales from the sub-atomic is now open at Keith+Lottie Gallery, from January 17 to February 01, 2008. This is a very different show for me, stylistically I've drawn on my roots in design and merged my memories of early xerox graphic posters with historical (even classical?) imagery and merged them with stencils.

A few years ago my friend Gary Tait, who gave me my first solo show at Bridge Gallery in '91, hinted in his tactful way that I needed a change encouraging me to try new things, and go into new places.  Experimenting keeps me interested in art. I was asked about the graffiti influence in this show, the stencils. That's a combined influence from my interest in old Xerox punk band posters from the late 70s as well as today's street art. In a sense, mixing up my mediums is my way of crossing boundaries -including time. Different times embrance different mediums.

The exhibition is open 11am to 6pm daily (+weekends) at Keith and Lottie Gallery, 276 William St, Northbridge, Western Australia. Thanks to Seven Towns Ltd. for use of "Rubik's Cube (R)".

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