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I've updated this entry because people thought I was dumping the broader themes (I'm not) but some paintings are smaller chapters. Only during an exhibition do I really understand how it fits in. This one is less Judy and more dark matter, God and Pentagon's black budget. It's a postscript search for a Messiah. Did I mention punk icon Jennifer Miro of the Nuns? It's going to be a strange few images.

Scribes is like "Elsewhere", another vignette that sits within the broader narrative of today. It's a story of an individual. It will grow and evolve in each painting (probably around 3). It is inspired by my interest in the field of genetic science, but also in the weapons research funded by DARPA that I stumbled into when doing Assassination of Judy  Garland. Some very odd things in the world.  A lot of that was initially from dystopian commentaries that I researched, but I wanted to try and take it in a spiritual direction. The new work is daring to see a positive angle to the global changes we’re all experiencing.

Its  also about religiosities of the future.  About new forms of worship. It focuses on an individual, born of dark forces and hidden alchemy during a time of great upheaval and overwhelmingly secular consciousness. They embrace the mythic and spiritual narratives of different religions but from a futurist’s imagination. It's biblical, prophetic, as I am always inspired by the 19th century poet and painter William Blake. 

jennifer miro copyright jmiroSo how did DARPA get mixed up with the Bible? Well, I started to think as I read about the monsters hidden in the Pentagon's black budget labs if anything utopian could ever emerge from such a dystopian narrative (and let's not leave out all the other countries because playing God knows no national borders). If life can be artificially made, can spirit live in the life forms of the future? What about the nightmares? Can the power of something good inhabit things created to destroy? It's not a question that I can ask myself in one painting. So I got the idea to 'grow' the series and view it from the eyes of a future Messiah.

Periodic updates will appear in my Studio Diary before posting to the gallery, and one or two magazines have already been asking about this new work. However, it will be a long haul...so make a cup of tea...The most recent update is that Jennifer Miro [pictured] of iconic 70s punk band the Nuns has consented to join her identity to one of these fictional characters, bringing her psycho-sexual energy to my concept of an emaculate conception.

It had to be Jennifer and no-one else. You might not understand how Miro's almost Jungian gothic sexuality and music fits into an emaculate conception with spiritual themes but, well, it just does for me. Remember We Are the Damned? For the uninitiated on punk, she's the voice/keyboards of one of the first Punk Rock bands from San Francisco, The Nuns (around'75). and they opened for The Ramones, the Damned and for the last 1978 concert of the Sex Pistols. They disbanded several times during the 80´s. The Nuns has been reborn into the world of Fetishism and Electro-Goth.Very generous soul and I thank her for it and hope she loves the final images.

Music is also very important to my work, not least because it is so powerful in taking us out of our present day consciousness. I've been drawing out ideas listening to The Victim's Ball in Melbourne after founder Roberto sent me their latest CD which has inspired me a lot. I've also been using Dernière Volonté's music (listen to it here) and French post-industrial band Westwind. Left of centre-Barbarella is inspirational too (watch below). So on another level I'm continuing to build on visionary and surrealist approaches I nicknamed 'prophetic surrealism' - So exploring that, pushing that a bit further too, is keeping me interested. Photos are copyright to Jennifer Miro of The Nuns and Victim's Ball





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