Blake's Orc In The Tubeway Station

Blake's Orc in Tubeway Station


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This is a repost  of this work as I completed the paintings. Small canvases (5x). They developed when I first started reading the chansons de geste translations by Michael Newth in Sydney. He has since become a good friend and I am grateful for his inspired input into my paintrings. So many of the poems are set during the Crusades, and they have a blunt history that mirrors public life today.

I was comparing some old notes on the Knights Templar that I did a year back and then, during the painters block with my Assange painting, these just evolved. I think because of the divide be

tween who has knowledge in today's world. It's either the hackers like Assange and Wikileaks set; or the major security agencies that run the world much like the Templars used to run parts of Europe.

This series ended as a link into the new work. The link is Orc, the character from William Blake's America A Prophecy. So I call the series Blake's Orc in the Tubeway Station.

The Knights Templar had a seal which I cut out and joined into the logo of theUS National Security Agency - NSA. Then I created a screenprint in the style of a remnant from an old wax seal. Merging their histories into one seal.

The small canvases each have multiple layers of print and glaze. 2 pages from Chapter 10 of The Book of Revelation, and a selection of the iconic prints that I have used as meaning-makers in several paintings.

Each of the new 'seals' has a sub-layer of 22K gold leaf above a layer of prints of binary code. These are just digital photos, the actual paintings have a much more solid depth of colour and are quite toned down, even the gold leaf.



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