Retro Writing - A Grunge Send-Up From 1994


SB GopalShort Black is a post-punk novella with an autobiographical twist, which I wrote back in the pre-internet days of 1994.
It's about self-involved crazy people that make their own mess and are still (I hope) lovable.

Well, the tale (at the time) of this novella is that I challenged another writer in the late 90s about appropriating it (theft with edits?) and it really broke my literary heart at the time that the lawyers said I didnt have enough to make a serious challenge under current copyright laws.  Not that they tried very hard.  It's not Tolstoy after all, and while incredibily dated now, it was not abojut being a trash novel so much as a satire of the Left-erati in Australia in the early 1990s. The people I grew up with were so strange, they needed exorcism. This is it. It is a parody of both the political Left and the grunge novels of the time, so the characters are insensitive, offensive and laugh at people's misfortunes and appearance, race and politics. I grew up with these people so, it's an emotional ode to a bygone era. You're free to download, read, and post as long as you cite the author and link. Enjoy! Yes, the 80s were really full of crazy people. The stories are all true in spirit, but it's pure fiction. If you enjoy it please return and make a donation of $5 at the base of this page to maintain my website.

Short Black - A Novella

Chapter 1  boy about town

Chapter 2  aint this the life  

Chapter 3  love comes in spurts

Chapter 4   total eclipse

Chapter 5   we got the beat

Chapter 6   suburban relapse

Chapter 7   where's captain kirk?

Chapter 8   kill the poor

Chapter 9    you're gonna kill that girl

Chapter 10   one step nearer the edge

Chapter 11   pissing in the river

Chapter 12  model worker

Chapter 13   bad reputation


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