Media: New Exhibition - REFLEX: CUNY Graduate Centre, NYC, 2007, USA

Reflex April2007 CUNY NYC

NEW EXHIBITION: CUNY Graduate Centre NY April 2007
 I will have 2 pieces in Leading labour cartoonist Gary Huck's Reflex: An exhibition of political cartoons. A world view of the United States to be launched April 26-28, 2007 at the CUNY Graduate Center, 34th Street and Fifth Avenue, New York City. The show will travel throughout the US in 2007, exhibiting in different locations for a year.

This is a collective effort and I hope lots of people support the show. One of the enduring qualities of American culture is their ability to express dissent. In Australia, there has been a real fear of expressing any idea that seeks to question our role in the "war on terror", confusing 'explanation' with 'justification'. Compared to the Australian artistic community, the US response has been concerted and brave. I fully endorse this exhibition.

Talk Show Gopal 2005viva las shiva 2005 gopalIn the aftermath of September 11, freedom of speech has been under attack all over the world. This climate of fear is just as relevant in Australia as in the United States. Political cartoonists have been the first to experience the censoring effects of anti-terrorism legislation.

In the US, they have been fired, lost freelance jobs because of cartoons critical of U.S. policy or even for using the "wrong" metaphors. America's leading labour cartoonists Gary Huck and Mike Konopacki are following up their 2002 exhibit of 41 editorial cartoonists from the U.S. and Mexico USA PATRIOT ART shown at the Institute for Policy Studies in Washington, DC.

Many of the issues from Gary's curated exhibits mirror my 2006 art exhibition Sedition and Other Bedtime Stories, which reflected on the deteriorating effects of a sustained attack on many of our freedoms. Gary has asked us to spread the word to artists working in editorial cartooning, but also activist artists throughout the world. Please support Gary in his efforts to make people understand what is at stake.

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