Painter's Block - The WikiLeaks Cake Is Still Baking

WikiLeaks Wedding Gopal2010 v5This painting is now in week 8 of not getting past this point. It's ok, in the meantime I did a small one, Kandahar Kandy, and started some notes on a possible illustration project for a book on chanson des geste. But any comments will certainly spur it to develop. As you can see there is Julian without hair (he's dyed his hair dark to escape detection) and not sure why, but is represented here as a marionette in front of an unfinished wedding cake.The patterns on the cake, in white so pale you can't read it, is the words jus in bello and jus ad bellum which refer to the legal definitions of 'just war' and the just execution of that war. Obviously very applicable to recent conflicts. Also a pattern made from the jihadist text so unpleasantly familiar to us now wraps around the cake like icing. It is not yet rendered in depth so this is a base painting.

Please leave your thoughts about Wikileaks, Julian Assange, the Afghan War Diaries and don't be shy. This is an exploration of the individual, the organisation and the changing norms of our world, so there is no right and wrong opinion. Normally someone like Julian Assange would be adopted by the Australian politic, but that is not the case. Why? I think in some ways the marionette is asking who's pulling the strings and there is a lot of fear.

2nd Pic Added 26/09/10

OK we have movement at the station for the word had got around, that Carl was getting fed up of being canvas-bound.

A sudden wind caught me and I did a lot on this today. Perhaps just saying, "Hell I'm blocked" unblocked me? Anyway, as you can see, some changes. We now have the jus in bello and jus ad bellum and jihad bordering the entire painting, giving it a distinctly middle eastern, medieval flavour (I'm reading about the Moors at the moment for the chanson des geste); and the words in gold on the cake which has turned towards a green.

wikileaks wedding 3B Gopal201Mr Assange is now carrying a medieval shield and I'm deciding what to put on that. Perhaps WikiLeaks needs its own heraldry? I like the changes. I still do not know what colour to do his hair, as the Pentagon is chasing his recognizable white head...

Added 27/09/10

Well, for lack of forthcoming ideas, more has appeared on the canvas. I have added dragonflys, which are now being used for robotic purposes by the Pentagon, in menacing montage around Julian. An obvious reference to being under surveillance... It's starting to remind me of The Perils of Pauline.

We are still hair-less.....

3rd Pic Added 01/10/10

...YEP, heraldry is not exactly simple stuff.

Added 29/11/10

....OK, this situation has lost the plot with the release of the third installement of their leaks. It's an argument of whether he is now endangering lives, and a world teetering....but while ignoring the issues at the core, the war crimes, and I suspect they will ignore this for years. As a hostorian buried facts and interpretation is daily bread. I am a lot clearer now about what this painting will say...

Added 09/01/16

I just revisted this blog post. How time flies and how knowledge grows and time reveals all. It seems completely pointless to see Assange as anything more than part of a change bigger than the laws which have become outmoded. Since this painting has entered the world it came in the finals of a London art competition and found its way into several journals while Julian endures what is really a lengthy and intentional torture for experimenting beyond his capacity or maturity (anyone's maturity, this is a new digital landscape, how can you pkan?). We give murderers less time in prison. The lessons of the Leaks have done damage but if it was not Julian it would have been someone else. The technology is now commonplace. Yet there is no jurisprudence around digitial technology.


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