Media: Online Illustrations At New Matilda Illustrations May/April 2007, Aust

A quick round up. I did a few illustrations for online magazine New Matilda, just to see how it would go. A great experience, but not something I continued as I'm working a full time job paying off a number of things including a new exhibition in 2008. But a really good learning curve. The highlight was doing an image for an article for academic and writer Alison Broinowski whose work I studied during my undergraduate history degree. What I chose not to do in the end was support a rather partisan writing and editorial style which didn't inspire me much. It also wasn't paid, and they needed the work within 24 hours all the time, with a huge pat on the ideological back. Apart from that, great experience at doing visuals without a lot of connection to the piece.

The illustrations were for the following articles.

alp national conference
27 Apr 2007
Day 1 - Passion (Mostly) Under Wraps
Andrew West
In the second of a series of special reports, New Matilda's political correspondent, Andrew West, writes about this weekend's ALP National Conference

federal politics
2 May 2007
Web Scrubbing
Kellie Tranter
Governments around the world are using their websites to rewrite history, writes Kellie Tranter

the us alliance
9 May 2007
Strange Liberators
Alison Broinowski
Alison Broinowski assesses the benefits and costs of the US/Australia alliance

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