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there is nothing like a drone....gaza weddingI've been finishing off the cake quartet. Where this strange analogy of the wedding cake comes into it, I have to admit to some inspired, but ultimately mysterious, source. I like that I don't always know what's happening on my canvases. I mean sure, I follow a lot of threads, ideas, but the painting is trying to tell me something as much as anyone who follows on from me. Here is a preview of some paintings from The Assassination of Judy Garland (from left) Kandahar Kandy; There is Nothing Like a Drone; Gaza Wedding and a close up of a sketch for an in progress painting Wiki Wedding 2.0. Dont say it. I know some of the contrasting themes appear a little stange. I've got the Nolan Sisters in the next cake. When things get as strange as they do, I need to see the absurdities, and that cheers me up.

In these images I was concerned about the general playstation-killing culture we're introducing with kids going straight from Playstation and XBox into war.  And I'm disappointed that we haven't realised the affects of a strategy which many regard as encouraging recruitment to extremist causes. Leadership is more than legislation. The positives are that the Bill of Rights makes these issues very very clear. Read about the legality of the drone attacks here.

dead duke drafts 2010

I had a great conversation with my father the other night about the criticism against Obama's lack of doing anything. It's not that he isn't doing anything; it's that he's doing it one at a time, when in fact life is happening all at once. I imagine Obama is like Adlai Stevenson's alternative universe. Eisenhower perfected the art of 'doing nothing' as a form of power to keep the peace. But then turning war into a robotic breeding ground isn't exactly doing nothing. Julian Assange similarly complicates our understanding of power when nobody else is making progress and war is becoming a substitute for foreign policy. We say we want politicians who aren't power-mad, but demand they are power-literate. Not a lot of choice.

I did a painting of Obama with Daleks in 2008 for Chroma Journal. Well, I think the Daleks might have the upper hand. Despite the massive negativity that is fed to us daily though, I do try and find humour and pathos in the paintings I do. Not to belittle the events, but because creativity works like that, to keep the light alive. When I saw the Nolans video from the 80s I went, "that's gotta go into something".

The chansons de geste were like poems for a warring class back in the 1100s, which is why they are so relevant today. Like those poems, hopefully the new paintings have a subtext of something that defies the obvious violence of our times. So, many of those issues feed into these paintings a lot and I imagine possible futures.



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