Media Interview - Exhibition Interview On RTRFM, Aug, 2006, Aust

RTRFM McKenzie Murray Interview Carl Gopalkrishnan 2006This is an interview I gave to promote the Sedition show with McKenzie Murray interviewing me.

RTRFM Radio in Perth have been very supportive, especially with Sedition and Other Bedtime Stories. They were really surprised that I was doing the only art exhibition that challenged Australia's Anti-Terrorism Act 2005 (similar response to the US Patriot Act) and asked to speak with me. Considering the general hands off approach from my fellow art thespians, I was grateful as you can imagine. Since then I have really learned to appreciate those people that support you when you deal with unpopular themes and issues in your art.  Please tune into RTRFM's Morning Magazine, it's a great show/

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