Media: Interview 3CR Radio Melbourne-James McKenzie 2010

Listen to RTR FM3CR Melbourne's In Ya Face presenter James McKenzie interviewed me a few weeks ago on his live radio program. I just want to thank them again (belated post) for a frank, informed and lively discussion. I came away from that grateful for being able to explore different views on questions as diverse as gay marriage, art and politics and the US Tea Party Movement.

About In Ya Face

“It’s probably the longest running queer radio show in Australia,” James says. In Ya Face explores gay, lesbian and queer issues with interviews, music and chat. Topics include civil unions, relationships, HIV/AIDS and queer current affairs, plus much more. “We like to interview people doing interesting things in the queer community, whether it be activism, social justice, peer support or entertainment,” Jacqui says. “We’re also big on the quirk factor”.

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