Media: Oral History of the AIDS Crisis in the 80s January 2020

The Lion Never Sleeps 2020I was in this amazing interview experience for a new street-theatre oral history called The Lion Never Sleeps. Thanks to Noemie the director and creator who made this incredible audio journey that takers the audience on a live walk through the inner-city streets of Northbridge in Perth, Western Australia. They have re-created the stories of the people who were there (life me), and how we survived the AIDS Crisis in the 1980s. 

Here's a a litte from a review in the LGBTIQ press:

An online presentation of this piece is coming together at some time, and I will post a link again to that.

Some reviews, writing and interviews around the piece:

"They say our past will come back to haunt us. But they forget to mention that, sometimes, being haunted can be a beautiful experience. The Lion Never Sleeps is such a beautiful haunting. It’s an incredible work, a walking tour that brings together oral histories, participatory performance art, celebratory silent disco-ness, eulogies and queer activism. Such potency is what we, as a community, need right now. At its core, this work is a monument and homage to the AIDS crisis of Perth, Western Australia, and the impact it had on our LGBTIQA+ community. Now, that might be quite a heavy premise for a work to tackle, and it is. But what you have to remember is that for all the loss and grief and heartache that accompanied AIDS, there was also a tonne of resilience, strengthening of community and dancing.



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