Rewind 1980: Hazel O'Connor's Eighth Day

I was watching the news and thinking back to another winter when my 14 year old comrades in crime and I went to see a drive-in version of the UK classic Breaking Glass. Somebody's brother was driving. We thought it was just awesome and depressing and beautiful at the same time. I believe bottles of Ouzo were involved. You can imagine the hilarious conversations. You know, those all thrown together first impression emotions from your teenage years that either sets you off on a lifetime of poetry or poppers. Forty years later and another generation face the same choice - poetry or violence.(it seems poppers are out).  

















I was re-visiting my Sony Walkman cassette playlists from the 80s this week for some new art, and so it seemed entirely appropriate to revisit Hazel O'Connors beyond inspiring rendition of Eighth Day.  I find myself like a kid experiencing the same emotions - sad, inspired, wistful!  It's actually good to know that I'm still in there, inside the disappointment of 4 decades of seeing social change rise and fall...hopeful expectations rising and falling yet again in the US and worldwide for eradicating racism. Painting from this space won't change the world, but it feels right. Thanks Hazel. Love the outfit!!!


















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