In Memoriam: George Floyd Death and the American Uprising May 2020

Murder of George Floyd live on social media 2020I take no pleasure in seeing the themes of my 2013 exhibition The Assassination of Judy Garland come true.  America is a great country, and has a future to do great good. But - George Floyd's death MUST be the turning point. Racism against African Americans cannot continue as it has.  We are not innocent and without flaws. Australia too has other long-standing racist injustices to it's name. Up to 430 black deaths in police custody without one conviction.  Some of the comments from white journalists, politicians and research 'experts' in Australia is adding fuel to the fire simplty by their ignorance and insensitivty. Other are good people being lumped in the term 'white' and that also saddens me. 

White Fragility by Beverly Diangelo

I have friends and family in America, and I believe there are genuine people everywhere in China, in Europe, across African and Asian and Middle Eastern countries resisting racism.  I hope you will read Berverly Diangelo's powerful book White Fragility : Why It's So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism. I also hope you will protest safely during Covid-19 and resist violence. When anger dies down, the hard work begins.

In isolation we can lose our perspective. I'm really thankful for the spiritual voices. They keep me grounded.





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