Studio Notes: COVID The Conqueror - A Work in Progress, April 2020

COVID The Conqueror Carl Gopalkrishnan April 2020 CopyrightThis is a painting in progress imagining COVID19 as a solitary haunting figure in the outback landscape of my home state of Western Australia. A bit like a ghost. And it's so quiet everywhere right now.

I'm not sure how it will finish, but I like the emptiness. It's set inside the Australian Radio Quiet Zone WA (ARQZWA) which supports the Murchison Radio-astronomy Observatory (MRO).

I've always wanted to visit but it's a little hush hush ... like Pine Gap, not at all accessible. Perhaps one day I'll be allowed in to paint there. Anyway, so the COVID-19 Lockdown feels like what it might be like inside the Radio Quiet Zone. I call it 'COVID The Conqueror'.


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