Commentary: Ian Bogost on An artificial-intelligence “artist” just had a solo show at a Chelsea gallery

Well it finally happened. An AI "Artist" finally had "its' own one-person show in a Chelsea gallery in New York. This is an interesting article by Ian Bogost, the author of the seminal The Cathedral of Computation in The Atlantic Monthly. This says a lot more about us doesn't it? I'm interested in this topic though, and how we interact with machines. It's not going away soon!

Bogost writes:

"Some viewers interpret AI art’s promise as a threat. In his office, Hoerle-Guggenheim showed me a comment on an Instagram post for the show, complaining that the gallery is featuring art created by machines: “What a shame for an art gallery…instead of supporting human beings giving their vibrant vision of our world.” Given the general fears about robots taking human jobs, it’s understandable that some viewers would see an artificial intelligence taking over for visual artists, of all people, as a sacrificial canary."

IanBogost in The Atlantic Monthly Article 2019

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