Media: Archibald Prize Entry for 2019

Watch A Portrait of Nail Aykan Archibald Entry for 2019 CGopalkrishnan

Fulfulling a promise made a few years ago, I asked Melbourne Muslim community leader Nail Aykan to be the subject for my portrait for the Archibald Prize. While we didnt get short-listed (it's quite an Anglo event) it was tremendous fun, and more Australian Artists of colour should enter and have their exitence heard. As always, sparring with Nails wide experience in the epicentre of standing up against Islamophobia and his community of families. In this of all years, especially after March 2019, it was a painting which I put a lot of feeling into.  

This is a relatively small painting. Only a 10x12" stretched canvas. Thank you Nail for the adventure of the sittings and the final painting and the coversations about art, history and the Muslim diaspora. I hope it brings you years of contemplation and joy, as art is designed to do.


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