Inspiration: Jaroussky, Lemieux - concert in Baden Baden - encores

If you remain unmoved by the first half and havent laughed by the second half - you're offically dead. Making music is a second-rate description for this wonderful performance. Music is integral to my painting. I can't even begin to make a mark without finding just the right music which untaps the images which sometimes flow right onto the canvas, bypassing my careful planning, which is just how I like it. How dull to know exactly what to do in every moment. 

The first duet I think is from  MONTERVERDI: L'incoronazione di Poppea "Pur ti miro, Pur ti godo. 

Jaroussky, Lemieux - concert in Baden Baden - encores. 














There is a longer full stage version (with Jaroussky, De Niese) here: This duet spoils all dates, makes evrything ugly beautiful, all anger just the noise of the wind, as it should be next to Monterverdi















And of course his version of  Ombra mai fù | Händel - Serse is the one I listen to most to recover from a really bad day in this modern work of toys and spys and . My second go to is Andreas Scholl's version which is the only other one I like that just helpes me breathe..........



















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