Commentary: Marvel Considering First Muslim Superhero

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The news of Marvel launching Ms Marvel -aka Kamala Khan - into film probably won't appear on the reading list of youth engagement or policy specialists, but it should. If not, you probably haven't read Art Spiegelman either and don't understand the immense power of this art form. Anyway.

Get your directors and Ministers to get with the program and read something with pictures. It'll be more effective than policy briefs believe me, I've done them to death and still waiting for signs of life.

Sadly I dumped my PhD in 2002 on online comics, but I didn't dump my interest, and now appreciate that because I see so much potential here for engagement and collaborative narratives across-cultures, age and political baggage. But heads up, true comic fans can smell an InfoOP a mile off and comics and hackers are like - cousins? Still, genuine opportunities exist for grassroots, truly artistic and intergenerational projects with trust, heart and great art work.


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