Changes to Australia's ABN Could Close Down Artistic Practice

Carl Gopal studio painting in Melbourne 2015

Only two days left to make a submission to Treasury's Black Economy Taskforce on their proposed overhaul of the ABN system (for taxation) in Australia.

The affect on all Artists from some of the proposals could make Artists choose not to practice professionally and result in a silent death of creativity and innovation. If you have an hour and are an artist then write a letter. Submissions close on 31st August 2018.

I wrote a submission as a visual artist knowing full well that between sham contracting, terrorism and billion dollar fraud the dampening effect on Artists' professional practice is at the bottom of the barrel of priorities for this Task force. I did it anyway using my own experience as an artist of 32 years. Your own experience as an artist in your own words is equally valid.

I believe the effect on innovation in this country will be cumulative and significant over time and that Artists contribute powerful and tangible soft powers throughout a nation's consciousness that is immeasurable. For myself, I can tell you it is exhausting being an Artist in Australia which is regulated to death. Our citizens are moaning uner the obsessive control of our culture, private throughs and feelings and artistic practice. How we can continue our to push creativity and innovation and bring those intangible qualities to our work under the new taxation changes, I just don't know. Some prayer perhaps?


photo creative commons
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