Media: My Chapter for New Multicultural LGBT Anthology and LAMBDA Nomination, October 2018

A wonderful new anthology I'm proud to be part of and, honestly, it's so readable and a breath of fresh air in terms of understanding the hidden cultural diversity in LGBT communities worldwide not just Australia. Living and Loving in Diversity has been nominated for a LAMBDA Literary Award in the US under anthologes too, a testament to our wonderful editor Maria Pallotta Chiarolli.

It speaks for me, each chapter, about racism in the homogenous LGBT community but also turning our lives around by using that to become happier people writing our own identities. At nearly 52, I'm glad it's finally out there, such a long and painful silence and all these writers, these people, their stories are incredible and I recognise each one. I will be reading this often and slowly.

The stories are so diverse and so many (60) of all styles and lengths and a powerful first for anthologies in having the first "Welcome to Book" Indigenous Welcome in a printed book. Maria and I have just had a wonderful catch up in Perth down at Bar 399. As I wrote in her book, LGBT people everywhere fly higher for having her in our lives.

Please visit the publishers page below to find out how to order your own copy. My chater is on page 122 and titled "Mixing It All Up".

Our Editor Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli and myself at Bar 399

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