Studio Notes: New Paintings Worshiping in a Cathedral of Computation Aug 2017

2017 Work in Progress Bombshells Carl Gopal2017 Work in Progress Bombshells Carl GopalBombshells 1 Carl Gopal 2015

This  series of 6 small paintings are stories about fashion, suicide vests and social media and was inspired by consultations with multicultural youth and media reports while working as a policy officer for the peak ethnic community organisation in Australia.

It pays homage to 60s and 70s haute couture and my own imagining of a fashion line brought out to attract young Caucasian fashionistas.

I am learning some interesting things along the way such as that generation z actually don't like leaving behind a digital footprint and think social media is for old people. Scary thing is that these old people are just 25. That makes me their ancestor in a way. It also makes me both optimistic and wary in terms of the declining use of social media but also wariness that it remains the only way for intelligence agencies to conceptualise the motives of young people when being human is where the answer lies. High drama 70s horror films, retrospective disco and 80s influenced electronic space pop and Facebook.

These 3 paintings are 10x12 inch canvases. Painted in Melbourne in 2016 with acrylic on canvas. The series are all 10 x 12.  2015 to 2016 was a quiet year for me. These paintings specifically explore Isis recruitment of young people who have been groomed to be consumers their whole lives and between gaming culture, fashion and consumerism we have rather let them down. They long for something deeper. As S.Batty Page writes in her 1995 book American Monroe The Making of a Body Politic, "The dead are some of the most powerful figures in the virtual realm".

These paintings are part of my new series The Cathedral of Computation from my works in progress. It's inspired by the role of algorithms, science as the new theology and tapering off from my Tin Man series.


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