Media: My Second Cover Art For Breadcrumb Scabs, #14, 2010, USA

BCS Cover Art 2010My second cover art for US poetry magazine Breadcrumb Scabs is out for February 2010. View the full cover in the 'Media' section (click left).

Lena's poets always dive off the edge and this issue is no different. A great supporter of diverse cultures and bad-tempered poets. The cover is a painting from my untitled series from 2000. A really difficult collection of images from a very odd time and Lena's poets capture that perfectly. I respect her choices when she puts each issue together.

I'm also working on some new paintings exploring the 'Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse' from Chapter 6 of Revelation. The four horses (minus the men) carry across several paintings, and I am in the process of a very detailed pen and ink drawing/print based on ancient board games with a mix of hand drawn and sampled historical and political images.


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