Media: RTRFM Radio & ABC TV News Interviews 5 Aug 2013

Listen to the interview in MP3This is a summary and thanks to the various media outlets and people who have helped me in getting across images and concepts within this series of paintings to the public.

Thank you to RTRFM for inviting me to speak about my exhibition The Assassination of Judy Garland at 464 Smart Space, Perth WA.  Listen here.   RTRFM has always been a consistent supporter of my work for many years. Deepest thanks. Thank you also to The Guardian Express Arts, Community Newspaper Group, Perth Western Australia and their editors. Explaining the content of this work to people has been in challenge in Australia, and although I hesitated to exhibit it in Perth, I felt that as my last exhibition it would be good to honour the community of Northbridge where I began my practice as an artist in in the late 1980s. Now, while I thank some genuine people.

Visit ABC News online link

Print Media

Thank you also to the following media outlets for covering this exhibition.

Thank you to the people who supported my process 2008-13

- The late Jennifer Anderson (aka Miro of The Nuns)
- Laura Beckman (Tikkun Daily, US)
- Amanda Brown
- Assoc Prof Caslav Brukner (University of Vienna)
- 464 Smart Space
- Chase Dimock (The Qouch, US)
- Mirela Dumic (cii, University of Surrey UK)
- Tom Dyson (former cii, Royal Holloway University of London, UK
- Caroline Gopalkrishnan
- Gopal & Vicky
- Tyler Gore (Literal Latter NYC, US)
- Kevin Harris, ProDesign Lighting Pty Ltd
- Anne Henderson (Out in Perth)
- Jeff Hewitt (San Francisco Bay Press, US)
- John Hyde
- Shaun Levin (Chroma Journa, UK)
- London Internation Creative Competition (LICC)
- Kathryn Lee
- Tony Nathan
- James McKenzie (3CR Radio)
- Dave Metcalf (Diskbank)
- Mark (Birdbrain Logic)
- Michael Newth (Chansons de gest translator)
- John Perica
- Razwana Quadir (Cambridge University, UK)
- Jocelyn A. Scutt (Cambridge University, UK)
- Lin Stain  
- Sir Michael Sorenson (cii, University of Surrey UK)
- Wik Wikholm (lgbt Encyclopedia, US)
- David Wilkinson

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