Media: My 5th Solo Exhibition Opening. 2-11 August, 2013 Perth WA

last post wikicommons imageOpening 6pm 2nd August until 11th August. Opening times Monday - Sunday 10am - 5pm. 

I am holding my 5th solo exhibition of my paintings -  The Assassination of Judy Garland - at 464 Smart Space, a fairly new urban art space in a 100 year old building being developed by Riccardo Caranno (who ran Bar Bazaar Cafe in Subiaco in the 80s) in Perth.  Technically it's in Northbridge, whose inner city identity I have a long history with going back to 1984. This is a project space warehouse and pretty raw but in a city with no space-it's a godsend. I hope you will brave the rain, the electric saws and the local mechanic workhouse noises (ha).

You can view the works for sale in my 2012 Gallery  and at the exhibition will be a folio of archival digital print editions on cotton paper of selected  paintings. This folio will include my 5 works on paper titled Elsewhere from 2009.

Over the period of completing this series I had a lot of support in both the UK and US and I have learned a lot from their feedback and their engagement with my art fed back into the paintings as they developed.  Collaboratively speaking, the UK's University of Surrey workshop Hitting the Target has been a high point in communicating the themes in my paintings.  Also in 2012 The London International Creative Competition [LICC]   supported my painting of Julian Assange which raises issues about a subject that many people wish would just "go away". They select an overall winner from 15 winners in London in October.

Reviews and support from literary and  progressive publications have been nurturing especially from Tikkun Daily, Literal Latte, Chroma Journal, The Qouch and San Francisco Bay Press who understood my work immediately and engaged with it.  I also made friends with folks at Cambridge University and got real feedback from Jocelyn Scutt and chansons de geste translator Michael Newth in Sydney. These conversations really helped me get deeper into this theme.

464 is an old school space that takes me back to what Northbridge was like in the early 1980s.  Riccardo's efforts to revive the spirit of creativity in Northbridge is quite amazing.  I'm looking forward to sharing this story in one room.  I'm getting help this time from lighting consultant Kevin Harris, many thanks Kevin.



Thanks for the email Carl, I'm looking forward to seeing the new paintings. Chris J
2013-07-16 22:6

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