Media: Feature Article. Thoughts on The Assassination of Judy Garland,The Qouch, April 2013, USA

Even though this is a relatively small series of paintings, I'm very thankful that it has got so much coverage and interest by people intrigued by the actual content. For an artist, that's rare and I don't take it for granted. The Qouch is the publishing arm of The Queer Psychoanalysis Society in the US edited by Chase Dimock, Diego Costa and Alejandra Josiowicz.

Queer theory isn't for everyone I know, but if you know me, you know that I have different levels to my work. Thank you to The Qouch for inviting me to write about my series of paintings - The Assassination of Judy Garland 2008-2012 for their ongoing series "The Screen".  It has helped me to articulate some of the queerness in my process for this series that a strictly political thread wouldn't catch. At least in the way politics is put together today.  I don't download any particular theory or movement, I mix them up to find my own ideas, so being able to explain these different angles to different audiences using my own voice is great. Bringing those contrasts together on the canvas is exciting. Using these non-mainstream lenses can be very helpful in understanding what is happening in our public narrative.

[updated 24-06-13]

Thoughts on the Assassination of Judy Garland (Series of Paintings 2008-2012) | The Qouch | April 2013  
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The Qouch April Feature Article 2013



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