Angels & Pears Watching The Middle East

Angels and Pears, 2009 GopalkrishnanCompleted painting "Angels and Pears" [pictured]

Acrylic paint, screenprint and gold leaf on canvas. Several layers of print here. The leaf is applied on the pears and crosses.

It's part of a contemplation on the role of Spirit in the peace process that came out of several sketches I did early in 2009. It is also a contemplation on Obama's speech in Egypt to the Muslim world and the reaction from all sides. Like a lot of my work, as an artist you try to ask questions, and sometimes to find a different vision from what's on offer.

This work includes sections from 2 maps (Jerusalem and Bethlehem) from the early 1900s, pared down and transformed into a screenprint. Parts of these were used in my 'Livni as Sibyl of Cumae with Dancing Follies'. There is the echo of the US Constitution opening sentence from the triptych, but it's faded in the middle section.  In a way, this is a hybrid urban wall, set to  canvas.


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