Studio Notes: Framing The Assassination of Judy Garland

My framer David talked me out of a grand, wide ornate frame and selected this wide, close to the edge frame which works brilliantly on both the small and large paintings, and really ties them all together.  Although they are all or sale prior to exhibition, I felt that having them framed the same would make it easier when borrowing them for an exhibition as they will all coordinate really well.  Where I live, in Perth, we have seen the closure of 8 mainstream galleries which pretty much represent the entire visual arts private sector in Western Australia for mide-career artists such as myself.  The global arts funding cut-backs has also seen public funding for art go down the tubes, especially in the UK where it's been savage. 

Fortunately the Judy Garland series has spawned great international interest and become so much more than just objects, it has initiated dialogue in places and with people I couldnt'have imagines.  I'm so grateful.  It has validated why I paint.  Stay tuned (eventually) for a final showing of thise whole series, but I suspect I will have completed the new series by then. C

Framed Assassination painting series Aug 2012 gopal



These frames work Carl. I don't think ornate edges would have brought them together....S
2012-10-29 11:56

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