Triptych - Well They Didn't Mean Me Either

We The People1-3These are 3 small canvases (10x10)acrylic paint, screenprint and 22k gold leaf. Not sure if they will fit together as one triptych or remain 3 separate paintings. The working title is "State of the Union".  It's looking at the legitimacy of ideas, especially how we use religious ideas to bring folks together, organise them, exclude them. It's also about bringing people together in a positive sense and that government can have a role in creating meaningful societies if it's not abused. 

Condoleezza Rice, while not everyone's personal favourite, said something memorable in 2003. Of course, this was quoted in the context of a speech I didn't support. But still, those words resonated with me a lot and I think of them today. She said:

"When the Founding Fathers said ‘We the people’, they didn’t mean me. My ancestors were considered three-fifths of a man, but we’ve made great strides. Our democracy is still a work in progress, not a finished product."

How this sentiment could live side by side with a misalignment of democratic values I was never able to understand. But she is a smart woman. Perhaps that's where art stops and politics takes over. We imagine things that are so hard to do in the real world. And I think the words and idea, "We the People..." is a very effective piece of imagination...


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