Extreme Solar Activity Footage From NASA

I have written about the solar flare activity as part of the narrative of my new paintings. Below is the information release from NASA about 2 large solar flares that will hit Earth on the morning of 8 March (US time).  Below is the NASA memo on this event.  The widget below will take you to the excellent workshop that was held in 2008 titled:   Severe Space Weather Events-Understanding Societal and Economic Impacts. A Workshop Report 2008 at The National Academies Press in the US.  The images from NASA provide some of the patterns for my new paintings.  My painting Emaculate Contraptions features the solar flare activity in the screen of a Blackberry Bold mobile phone.  It plays the role of the random element in an emmaculate conception (of sorts).

UPDATE 03/07/12 2:30pm EST
NASA models using data from the Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory (STEREO) and the Solar Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) have now provided more information about the two CMEs associated with the two March 6 flares. The first is traveling faster than 1300 miles per second; the second more than 1100 miles per second. NASA's models predict that the CMEs will impact both Earth and Mars, as well as pass by several NASA spacecraft – Messenger, Spitzer, and STEREO-B.  
The models also predict that the leading edge of the first CME will reach Earth at about 1:25 AM EST on the morning of March 8 (plus or minus 7 hours). Such a CME could result in a severe geomagnetic storm, causing aurora at low latitudes, with possible disruption to high frequency radio communication, global positioning systems (GPS), and power grids.

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