Hillary Clinton's Chansons De Geste

Song of Hillary Clinton 2009 GopalkrishnanI have just scanned and uploaded the first 3 completed paintings from my new series exploring the new US administration. I am now researching and doing sketches for some smaller canvases which look at the Israel/Palestine situation, and as you can imagine they are taking some time. The new scans can be viewed in my Work in Progress section. I don't always say I like a particular work above another, but I was surprised by how well the 'Song of Hillary' turned out.

It's a complex painting with a lot of layering going on, and I was stuck on it for weeks. It gave me some grief for a while, but then this odd calm descended onto it, and while it's odd and strange in some ways, I think it evolved to have an eccentric dignity about it (a bit like the subject matter). This and the Obama painting - Conversation with Vishnu - were a reasonable size too, and so they took time to complete.

After that I primed 3 small 8 x 8 inch canvases which I'm planning to both paint and screen print on a small table. It's a different type of energy working small. I also find I am slowly returning to using colour in a way that's different after the monochromatic phase I went through between 2005-7. I think that's a good sign for me. Anyway, I hope you enjoy these images.

Working Titles:

* Conversation with Vishnu (122 x 92cm) acrylic, aerosol on canvas. 2009
* Chanson de geste (song of Hillary) (77 x 84cm), acrylic, aerosol on canvas. 2009 - pictured
* One Dove Wears Vera Wang (36 x 46cm) acylic, aerosol on canvas. 2009

PS: I am further developing the chanson de geste, a sort of epic, heroic poetry from around the 11th Century of french literature (some say earlier). For anyone into that, there's mountains of meaning and comparisons with today's political myth-making. I'm also doing the next images as guache and screenprint on paper.

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