Media: Featured Artist In Drexter Magz, 2009, Indonesia

I am a featured artist in the latest issue of Drexter Magz, the pdf arts and culture magazine from indonesia. Many thanks guys. Some great artists in this issue and for me, really great to engage with my Indonesian artistic colleagues in our Pacific neighbourhood.

New Paintings

Like everyone else, I never thought to see the day. I'm not refering to his hairdo. Obama will need a lot of goodwill and support-this planet is a mess. Like the rest of the world, I watch and hope for the best. I'm no different from the many artists trying to make sense of these changes, and have been inspired to paint a series of canvases about the new US administration. 

We need to avoid canonising him, or the inevitable disappointments will detract from his good points. I'm already a bit disappointed in some of the symbolic aspects of the inauguration in January, but let's see what Obama has planned for bringing noisy, different people together. It's a tough challenge. Supporting technology is great, but it's not a replacement for good policy.

Still, you never know what will come out on the canvas, and these are interesting times. The working title is: "One Dove is Wearing Vera Wang". I'm using a lot of symbols: from AI and Indian mysticism to Braille code and equations from cognitive theorems used in AI. The works are all in acrylic on canvas, but I am experimenting with adding both stencil and spray on the acrylic on canvas.

Obama in Conversation with Vishnu and Daleks 2009 CGopalkrishnan


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