20 Years of Portraits by Amanda Brown 1991-2012

Carl by Amanda Brown 2012 Revivalist Series

Carl by Amanda Brown 2012 Revivalist Series

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  • Carl by Amanda Brown 01
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  • Carl by Amanda Brown1991 03
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2012 - Heartland 

The Resurrection of the Tin Man Explorations of Christian cults in the American heartland, religious revivalists and creationists.










2011 - 1930s & 40s

Assassination of Judy Garland Part 1 - Explorations of a return of the Western political consciousness to the 1930s and 40s.



















2006 -Street Art

Sedition and Other Bedtime Stories - Exploring the graffiti and street art scene in Mount Lawley Perth while integrating stencils into my painting.















1991 - Fremantle Dockyards

Carl Gopal Solo - Walking in the ghost-ridden docks of Fremantle Port in 1991 just after my first solo exhibition.

Amanda's biography from The Australian Women's Register

My special thanks and gratitude to Amanda Brown for documenting my different exhibition phases. She is a real and genuine talent. Contact Amanda regarding the use of any of these photographs as she has copyright. Email: amanda@fotomethodika.com