Selected Works in Transition between 2015 & 2018

Book Cover for Routledge, London and Dr Kyle Grayson 2017

Book Cover Art for Dr Kyle Grayson_RoutledgeLondon 2017


Portrait: Muslim Community Leader Nail Aykan, Victoria, Australia 2017-18

Portrait of Nail Aykan_Watched 2018 Archibald Entry for 2019 

Recent Updates

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I have begun a new series of works which are very different from my earlier works. Focused more on the autobiographical and the use of allegory, they explore my spirituality and personal journey over the last few years. Stay tuned.

In March 2018 my painting Bombshells was shortlisted & exhibited as a finalist for the Collie Art Prize in Western Australia.  (Submitting again in 2020). See slide images 2-4 (left)

In April 2019 I submitted an entry for the Archibald Prize 2019 of Muslim Community Leader Nail Aykan (see below)

Playing catch-ups, in 2017 I had artwork on the cover of Kyle Grayson's new book, The Cultural Politics of Targeted Killing: On Drones, Counter-Insurgency and Violence for Routledge in London (see below).