• Bombshells 2 Carl Gopal 2017
  • Bombshells 4 Carl Gopal 2017
  • Bombshells 1 Carl Gopal 2015-17
  • Marilyn Carl Gopal 2015
  • Beyond the heights of compassion 2017 Carl Gopal

Studies and small paintings for In Media Res. A traditional prelude to my new series






works in progress

'in Media res...' (S.Paige Baty, 1995)

Studio work in progress

A selection of new works on canvas and paper. Series in progress. These paintings are part of the backstory. Some of the narrative arcs include: In Media Res,  Helios | Theoria | Gnosis |  and Bombshells

Some of the themes that I'm exploring include:

  • evolutionary thoughts on religion
  • neuro science and internet pornography
  • synthetic genomics and artificial life
  • love and robotics.
paintings 1-3 Bombshell were a finalist entry in the Collie Art Prize 2018.