The Cathedral of Computation

My 2019 Archibald Prize Entry

Watched. A Portrait of Nail Aykan,
Muslim Community Leader (Melbourne, Victoria)

Archibald Prize Entry_Watched_Nail Aykan by Carl Gopal 2019




Work In Progress 

One of the inspiring concepts for my series came from Ian Bogost's article in the Atlantic Monthly in 2015 called The Cathedral of Computation. As a working title it helps connects so many of the themes I'm exploring.  The new paintings evolved from my Tin Man notes, and later engaged with my concern for how scientific materialsm, the reliance on algorithms, and changing theology are defining the moment we're in. The idea of the Cathedral of Computation ties all these together really well. Not quite ready to upload all my new work but here's a few. 

Some updates

A few updates too. In 2018 my painting Bombshells was shortlisted as  finalist for the Collie Art Prize. I submitted an entry for the Archibald Prize 2019 with a portrait of Muslim Community Leader Nail Aykan,  and I am entering the Luxembourg Art Prize for the first time this year. In 2017 my artwork was on the cover of Kyle Grayson's book on drones for Routledge in London which was great as I love Kyles mind, it follows my own unusual pathway.