• Bombshells 2 Carl Gopal 2017
  • Bombshells 4 Carl Gopal 2017
  • Bombshells 1 Carl Gopal 2015-17
  • Marilyn Carl Gopal 2015
  • Beyond the heights of compassion 2017 Carl Gopal

Studies and small paintings for In Media Res. A small example of my new series. Since 2017 I am not publishing my paintings online in response to some online copyright infringements but will upload the full series during my next exhibition. Please see the In Print section for my latest publications and projects.






works in progress

'in Media res...' (S.Paige Baty, 1995)

Studio work in progress

A selection of new works on canvas and paper. Series in progress. These paintings are part of the backstory. Some of the narrative arcs include: In Media Res,  Helios | Theoria | Gnosis |  and Bombshells

Some of the themes that I'm exploring include:

  • evolutionary thoughts on religion
  • neuro science and internet pornography
  • synthetic genomics and artificial life
  • love and robotics.
paintings 1-3 Bombshell were a finalist entry in the Collie Art Prize 2018.