Carl Gopal by Amanda Brown at Fremantle Warf WA 1991

Carl Gopal (aka Gopalkrishnan) has always strived to reinvent painting to reflect his changing world.  Born in 1967 in the UK, Carl’s artistic practice spans three decades to capture the personal and historical turning points that shape the small gestures that define our humanity. He has held solo exhibitions in his home state of WA, in group shows in the US, and at conferences on international intervention in London.  His paintings are also featured in international poetry, literary, arts and political journals. 

Bringing different ideas together is Carl’s passion. He has painted portraits of leading quantum physicists, worked with activists, geneticists, lawyers, actors and researchers when developing his ideas on how cultural politics is changing the human narrative. 

A self-funded independent artist, Carl also works in policy and research and  currently developing a new series around synthetic genomics and comparative religionHe is a member of Australia's National Association of the Visual Arts (NAVA) and has worked as a lecturer in art and design, in the multicultural and community arts sector, and as a policy researcher for state government arts funding agencies in Australia.

This year his work illustrates the cover of Dr Kyle Grayson's new book from Routledge London: Cultural Politics of Targeted Killing: on drones, counter-insurgence and violence as part of their Intervention Series. This evolved from his presentation at an International Intervention workshop in the UK in 2012.


Bridge Gallery L-R Carl Gopal Jenny Wright Paula Schuchuk Gary Tait 1992

Carl's Studio Mayland 2013 WA

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    • August 2002 Melbourne, Victoria

    • August 2000 Perth, Western Australia

    • July 1995 Sydney, New South Wales

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