Carl Gopal at a Northbridge exhibition opening 1992 photo by Greg Marston


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Academic Collaborations

Prof Victoria Pagan expert in classic literature will be focusing on the Oresteia with her students using my painting A Many Splendored Thing (2020) as a trigger for discussion.

Routhledge London
Author: Dr Kyle Grayson
Reader in Security, Politics, and Culture, University of Newcastle, UK
Associate Editor: Critical Studies on Security (Routledge)

The conference, Hitting the Target?” How New Capabilities Are Shaping Contemporary International Intervention, was held to discuss how new capabilities generated by new technology affects intervention at a legal, political and military level.  This turned into an exhibition to stimulate discussion between delegates who considered cultural metaphor for the first time as part of their strategic thinking. It later to an infuentional Whitehall report.

An inaugural art prize exhibition at the Department of Physics, University of Waterloo, Canada, June. This group collaborative exhibition explored how visual artists interpet recent developments in physics.

Award Shows

2020 Finalist, Collie Art Prize (Finalist), Collie Western Australia

2018 Finalist, Collie Art Prize (Finalist), Collie Western Australia

2012 Finalist, London International Creative Competition (Annual Publication), London, UK

2011 Visual Overture Magazine, Spring, honorable mention exhibit in print, southern states publications, Atlanta, USA.

2007 The Beauty of Physics, (finalist) inaugural art prize exhibition, Dept of Physics, University of Waterloo, Canada, June (group).